Data Center Design


The Data Center is the foundation for your IT Systems therefore it is imperative that this foundation is rock-solid to ensure stability for your applications.

SH Solutions provides infrastructure design that goes beyond servers and routers. We design and implement data centers that are thoroughly dependable, redundant and scalable for future growth.

We understand that businesses today rely heavily on their infrastructure to not only be functioning, but cost effective and reliable.

If a company’s data center fails to provide secure, dependable access to the systems, there may be a loss of productivity and possibly even revenue. Redundant systems prove crucial in avoiding these scenarios.

Critical data center components:

  • Security
  • UPS
  • Generator
  • Environmentals (temperature & humidity)
  • Monitoring
  • Fire Suppression
  • Network Monitoring Services
  • Management tools : Evaluation & TCO Analysis
  • Rack Design & Floor layout
  • Complete Construction Management
  • Circuit provisioning

SH Solutions’s comprehensive design implements all these factors, resulting in a scalable, available, reliable environment that meets all your requirements, business objectives and increases productivity.

SH Solutions will not only design and implement the data center, but will provide monitoring services. This service provides additional protection of the networks. By monitoring the systems, we are alerted almost instantly to any problems, providing a prompt resolution and a reduction of downtime.